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Not only can you gawk at colorful underwater wildlife (well, not really "wild" anymore, per se), but you can also get in the tank with huge, thankfully peaceful, fish (whale sharks, manta rays) and get an underwater-shot DVD of it all.

It’s the first public soccer field on Earth built into a public transportation station. Best of all, it's at Five Points MARTA Station, which puts you in the middle of Downtown and the transfer point to the East/West lines, so once you’re finished you can ride the train in any direction your heart desires to a new adventure, so long as that adventure is not located in Cobb County.Negativity aside, it’s the brainchild of a group called Soccer in the Streets, which is making a valiant push to include low-income neighborhoods in its expansion plans, because it shouldn’t matter how much money you have if you love the game, right?If hearing Andre 3000’s opening bars to "Elevators (Me & You)" doesn’t make you love East Point, you suck. It does however have a river running through it, and that river lends itself particularly well to canoes, kayaks, tubes, and riverboats.Everybody loves underdogs, until they move to Atlanta. But it’s soccer -- a sport that the world loves, and we’re a global city.Right around Memorial Day, many of your favorite restaurants and bars turn over the doors to promoters, who bring in DJs who play classic jams for shiny, tipsy people wearing their best and breeziest britches and blouses.

Don Lemon can’t watch himself and look into the camera at the same time. Artist Dubelyoo and promoter Jabari Graham, who was the first to bring Drake and Kendrick Lamar to Atlanta (and put on a brilliant Goodie Mob reunion a few years ago), throw a free show (with free drinks!

And while you should definitely do responsible things, like write a living will or whatever, you should also develop an ATL bucket list of your own... So without further ado, here are 42 things to do in Atlanta before you die: there!

Also, every year they have events that bring all sorts of folks out to slide around on that slick, shiny floor.

You get two miles per dollar spent at US Restaurants, so you might want to consider giving up cooking for good.

It used to be hard to do, unless you got to the bar in time to hear the 10pm bullhorn and order one of only 24 made for the night.

It’s a great date night, and there're people in tights. According to the FDA, we’re all going to die of diabetes anyway, so you might as well celebrate Atlanta’s thick, syrupy blood by going straight to the heart that feeds the city’s financial arteries.