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Our diverse membership includes young professionals, mature singles, senior singles, all ethnicities, Christian singles, Jewish singles, divorced singles, single parents, widowed singles, retired singles and more.

Rat an das Management Try not to play favorites so much.

Your clients need to simply trust you to guide them in what is sincerely right for them! Before we met each other, Tom and I each had been married for more than 30 years, divorced and single again.

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I love that distinct abilities are lauded and developed in Academics, FIne Arts, Athletics, and Ministry. Welcome to the premier site for Atlanta Christian dating for Christian singles in Atlanta.Follow through with new initiatives (don't start something just for the sake of starting it.) Put academics on an equal playing field with the religious aspect of the school.Pros GAC exists to glorify God and develop people to serve the future well.I had been set up on blind dates by my friends and co-workers, been on Match.

Com, Eharmony, and Yahoo personals and met some interesting, decent people but something was always missing.

God's Love and His value for people and their uniqueness is what drives GAC.

Education encompasses aspects of the "whole child" --- not trying to make them all the same.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to recognize the gift of each other.

Never could be have imagined that we could be this blessed.

From the Creek and Cherokee Indians to modern-day Atlanta, Georgia’s capital city has undergone transformation.