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She has since changed her tune into something more accurate, although still very easy to misinterpret:“The discovery of human sex pheromones appeared in front page stories internationally when my colleagues and I succeeded in peer-reviewed acceptance for publication in scientific journals in 1986. However, even with that said it is still difficult to determine who the true “founder” of pheromones really is.We provided the proof that women and men emitted pheromones into the atmosphere and we showed that extracted pheromones could be collected, frozen for over a year, thawed and then applied topically above the upper lip of recipients to mimic some of the pheromonal effects found in nature.”The most likely person to discover pheromones is a scientist named Alex Comfort (Comfort, Alex. There is research that dates back to the early 1900’s with some allusions to pheromone communication, as well as some anecdotal evidence earlier than that.

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But one thing I always found sketchy was that Athena Institute always seemed to pop up in media articles (not scientific journals or research), about the discovery of human pheromones, how pheromone colognes and perfumes work, etc.Now, she does have some studies (which we’ll dissect in a moment), but much of her media attention is probably due to her website looking like it’s a piece of internet history, which probably makes some feel as if it’s more trustworthy. She went as far as claiming that she was one of the people who discovered human pheromones. Animal pheromones were already known to exist in the late 50’s, thanks to research by Peter Karlson and Martin Lüscher.I’m glad that others have commented on Athena 10X and the Athena site.In 1993 or 4, I called and spoke briefly with Winnifred about the work I was doing with extending my mammalian pheromone model to humans.Although it is outside the scope of this article, this is important to mention because Dr. In fact, her early formulations of Athena 10x pheromones, and Athena were simply DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) and androstenol formulations.“I think our product is the only product with any truth behind it’s claims”Does anybody believe “testimonials” on the internet anymore?

There are a few ridiculous examples on the website praising the product to the high heavens…

Parading around as someone who contributed significant discoveries to world of human pheromones, and then using her “fame” to exploit real research (seriously, one of her early papers is called “Lunar and Menstrual Locking”).

With all the media attention she has received, it’s easy to class her as a real expert with no financial interests.

Teresa Crenshaw goes to far when she claims to have predicted the discovery of human pheromones.

Lately, Cutler’s been claiming that her patent application prevents her from disclosing what’s in her products. she filed was many years ago–long past the time it would typically take to acquire a patent if her app. Besides, her focus was on dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), a very unlikely candidate to be a human pheromone since it is an adrenal androgen.

Uninformed consumers deserve better than to be led into new areas of research by charlatans who make big bucks scamming them.