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When Ivan deemed that the party was over, he put jalapeños in the microwave.

The fumes burned peoples' eyes until they vacated the premises.

He is no doubt the envy of all of his friends after marrying one of the world's most beautiful models.So no wonder Kings Of Leon star Caleb Followill was looking in such a jolly mood as he dined out with his professional clotheshorse spouse Lily Aldridge in Rome on Wednesday.(Coincidentally, Shaver stars in the film The Apostle.Caleb compares his dad to Robert Duvall's character in that movie.) "That was one of the scariest moments of my entire life," says Caleb.For Rolling Stone's new cover story charting Kings of Leon's God-fearing, booze-swilling rise to rock stardom, Austin Scaggs followed the Followills from Tennessee to Australia, swilling wine and partying with huge stars like Chris Martin along the way.

RS also visited the Kings in their Nashville homes for an intimate tour of their private lives — watch the video, above — and managed to squeeze a few more facts and hilarious stories out of the foursome.They were staying with a friend of a friend, and early that morning, before heading to the conference, the boys smoked weed on the deck.They failed to properly extinguish the joint, leaving it accidentally smoldering."Caleb was crying his eyes out and he kept saying, ' He's dead! "I was like, ' I don't feel it,' but when we got home I was eating a bunch of chicken tenders.Peanut said, ' What the fuck, man, you're gonna kill your buzz.' That's when I realized, ' Maybe I am feeling this?' and fucking lovin' it, even though we were dressed like the New York Dolls.