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In two days, I was to fly to Brazil to interview the mayor of Rio de Janeiro and Oscar Niemeyer, the architect. “I’m sorry,” I told the tourist board who arranged everything, “I have to fly to Denver because my mother is in the hospital.” What a lie! Encyclopedia Dramatica calls this “Wikicide” and I committed it several times over.

I flew home to Colorado because I was suffering an emotional breakdown over an Internet stalker. I wrote long, tortured screeds for help from fellow editors that were misread as arrogant boasts of my accomplishments.

When I did, they said there was little they could do. The “boy” turned out to be Lori Drew, mother of Megan’s former friend, who wanted to avenge her daughter for some slight. With fanfare, George Bush signed into law the Violence Against Women and Department of Justice Reauthorization Act of 2005.

I had missed a few credit card payments and could not qualify for student loans.The school would not help, so I returned to life as a paralegal.Also tagged action, branch, collection, DIY, forest, found, france, fun, gif, image, internet, julien douvier, leaf, light, movement, moving, nature, photography, poetic, poetry, romance, silence, spinning, stillness, the wild, tree, unknown, video, wind, wood Also tagged action, architecture, black and white, city, fountain, French, gif, julien douvier, light, moving image, people, photograph, public, public space, romance, sitting, square, unknown, urban, water This is a short clip from an episode of ‘Xavier, Renegade Angel’, by PFFR.It’s a series on the humorous musings of a wandering humanoid pseudo-shaman and spiritual seeker named Xavier. ’ and in it, Xavier confuses a redneck town’s computer system with a deep question, and when the resulting virus runs amok, he has to find another virus to save the citizens.First, he said his birth name was not Bregman, as his article stated, but Treivas. Second, the article stated he had been a “prostitute” in his early twenties, whereas he preferred to be called a “male escort.” It was over this semantic minutia that my stalker made me a target of defamation, gory sexual fantasies and violent threats for months from an anonymous Internet address in northern New Jersey. Over months I was given warnings that I was not safe.

I can only speculate why this person felt so strongly. I was told to be vigilant and that “we would soon meet.” If people assisted me, they became targets.

“Any line that says ‘You will pay for what you have done…revenge is sweet’ immediately puts the speaker in an area where law enforcement might well get involved and not be barred by the First Amendment,” said Abrams, reading a direct quote my stalker wrote.

detective turned private investigator, said cyberstalking is a time consuming, labor intensive investigation that is difficult to solve. Even when a perpetrator is discovered, many victims do not want to press charges.

A lot of political speech has annoyance as part of it.” Anonymous criticism has been a cornerstone of American democracy since “Publius” wrote the The Federalist Papers.

Free speech rights allow wide latitude to say almost anything to express disagreement with people.

My sense of failure and financial devastation drove me to the verge of collapse.