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How about trying a Paint Nite with friends and family.

My idea is to send people to a very simple squeeze page and offer a free video in exchange for their email address and then promote the product using a serie of e-mails.

What I am looking for is some type of advertising which is not too pricey and also easy to use.

5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in America read like they could be a typo: 640,000 jobs created over the past three years with a growth rate of 490 percent in that time frame.

The 5,000 companies’ aggregate revenue was 0 billion in 2015.

After collecting my photos, I copy them into Photoshop.

I have an Photoshop action sequence set up that automatically resizes the photo into 110x80 and sharpens the image so your ad stands out from everyone else’s.

I don’t mind sharing this info because nowadays, I don’t have time to testing new campaigns (nor do I want to).

Instead, I have a few long-term campaigns that I turn on and off to make extra money on the side.

(The Photoshop action saves SOOO much time.) My secret for creating killer ads Upload a TON of new creative.

Like I mentioned earlier, at my peak, I was testing up to 50 new creative a day. Leave a comment below with questions, and other topics you wanna hear about.

My mentor has tried the long banner ads (I forgot the exact dimensions). I started outsourcing this later and it saved me a lot of time, but the only reason I was able to make this work was that I knew which images generally worked and which didn’t and told those guidelines to my outsources.