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This service is offered to members of the community that live within the police jurisdiction of the Kent County Sheriff's Office.

Special Event Service Request Submit a request to the Sheriff’s Department for a special event that needs assistance for traffic control.” Specialized Business Docket e Filing e File pleadings for cases approved by the 17th Circuit Court.

Probate Letters & Orders Order certified orders of name changes and letters related to current Probate Court cases.

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Community Alerts "Community Alert" is a means by which registered users can receive information, via email or text messaging, about incidents or events that may impact Kent County communities.

An Alert is sent out when conditions warrant community awareness and may include details about road conditions, highway closures or general information about specific local crime trends.

After establishing an escrow account, orders can be submitted online. Vendor Registration Process Register to become a bidder in Kent County; registered bidders are notified of any new bids or requests for proposals issued by Kent County.

Business Name Search Search for businesses registered in Kent County by either Business Name or Owner Last Name.

17th Circuit Court Motion Calendar Search for motion days by Judge.

17th Circuit Court Name Search Court records can be searched; criminal cases go back to 1996 and civil cases date to 1987. 17th Circuit Court Payments Pay fines, fees or other costs associated with a court case.

Information is updated at the end of each annual assessment cycle.

Public Records Index Report Request Kent County Register of Deeds offers reports of the public records index.

Probate Hearing Schedule View cases scheduled within the next 6 weeks if searched by name – all past, present & future scheduled events if searching by case number.

Probate Name Search Search Probate Court records .00 per each name searched. School Site Survey Online tool for school administrators, to provide Kent County Law Enforcement with critical information needed when an emergency arises.

Accident Reports Retrieve accident reports by providing the accident date and report number.