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The standard form of a collar is a black leather band around the neck, often with metal D-rings added to allow the attachment of a leash, rope or other restraints; but to be more discreet in public, some people may wear an ordinary choker or jewelry necklace for the same symbolic purpose.

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Many collars are constructed with several different materials, and may also be decorated in various ways.

Collars often feature buckles, straps and hooks, padlocks and other attachments.

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A neck corset is a type of posture collar that incorporates stays.

It is a corset-like device designed for the neck instead of the waist, but usually it is not used to compress the neck in the way that a normal corset compresses the waist, except in breathplay.

However, the spikes are considered to be dangerous, and therefore such collars are used with care.

Some wolf collars have the spikes coated in plastic for added protection.

A wolf collar is a collar fitted with long spikes, which are considered decorative.