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The traffic you send to TALK121 will convert better because with our Commission Based payout program you make money for the life of the customer, not just for the first sale.

PLUS, once a customer buys his first package, the re-order rate is high.

The phone numbers for each city are listed on our web site or you can call our toll free local phone number finder line and it will automatically give the caller the local chat line nearest them AND be tagged with YOUR unique ID code.

With Chat Dollars you will earn money 4 different ways!

Chat Dollars is the first to offer a dating affiliate program for the highly popular phone chat line industry, by partnering with the wildly popular Talk121 phone chat.

Characterized by its huge conversion rate and payout for the lifetime of referred customers (non-expiring cookies) it has the affiliate's best interest in mind.

Callers don't have to give any credit card information. We can then determine which affiliate referred the caller based on the coupon code we receive, and their account is credited.

Chat is one of hottest markets on the web, with millions of people calling on chat lines yearly. When referrals call our systems, they don�t have to speak with anyone, join anything, or provide any personal information. CPS (commission per sale) Once your free trial users have exhausted their initial 60 minutes and they reorder any package of minutes, you will be paid 15% commission to start on all of those sales.

These are real people just like you, who use our live one on one dating chat systems where they can talk Live to other singles in their local area.

Gals are always FREE and first-time male callers get a FREE 60 minute Trial membership automatically when they call.

This code is VERY obvious on the site when they click over from your site to ours.

Unlike other CPA programs this one is super easy to generate cash!

It is one of the most generous affiliate programs available!