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Some were fighting against the distortion of the nature's balance, some — for preservation of the remains of some ancient Indian settlements which were going under the water, some — for other causes....In my personal opinion, flooding of Glen Canyon has created a landscape treasure that is completely unique not only in the US, but in the entire world.

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You have already seen a tour about the Colorado River Horse Shoe Bend, located only a few kilometers to the southwest of Glen Canyon Dam.

We have already photographed Marble Canyon (several more kilometers to the south-west), and now the photos are in post-production, as well as the images of the Grand Canyon — the continuation of the Marble Canyon.

To the southeast of Lake Powell you can find several equally interesting locations.

Our collection already has the images of San Juan River bends.

Construction works commenced in 1956 with building a 178-meter high Glen Canyon Dam, and ended in 1960s, however, the blue-and-green waters of the Colorado River have only filled the entire lake by 1980.

The newly created lake was named after the Major John Wesley Powell who created a first map of this territory in 1869.

Depending on the season, it can hold up to 30 km3 of water.

However, the development of the area did not come down just to the administrative matters.

This inspired us to organize several photo expeditions, with aircraft and vessels.

Our first expedition allowed us to photograph one of the first aerial spherical panoramas in the world.

Significant infrastructure has been built in order to provide for the dam construction needs, which brought life to the entire region.