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Until today, I do not like anyone who officially practices psychology because those doctors etc... And, when my Mom was home, I would lock my room's door and place a chair against it. My aunt kept repeating to me that on my mother's death anniversary I will have go visit her cemetery.

I live in a different state from where my mother's cemetery is located. However she repeated her question to me until I said yes.

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Someone should had intervened for a 12 little girl. My father was trying his best to get me away to stay with him. On XXXXXXXXXXXX, my Mom's sister let slip she saw my Mom beat me with a cane. My aunt even had the cheek to say that my Mom beat me up because I said I wanted to go live with my father.

The way my aunt said it was like the beatings were wholly my fault. You have a 12 girl being beaten up daily, you are an aunt who knows something is going on and did nothing.

After I grew older, my Mom's mental illness became impossible for me to bear. There was no support at all from anyone other than my father. My mother's own cousin even said to my father not to bring my Mom to their place. This particular aunt keeps complaining about the same thing.

That she had to take my Mom for her weekly injections and complained that my father and I was not around to do it.I have lost count on the number of times I had to go with my Mom for her injections as a little girl. My Mom has pitched me, beaten me up, she has biten me with her teeth, she has smashed my head against the table and threatened to beat me with a piece of hard wood.Her doctors did not bother to enquire about my father and I. I think my Mom's doctors are the most heartless people I have ever met in my life. I have been scolded by my Mom's medical team and they even dumped my Mom on me after I just turn 18 and there was no other adult around. I experienced all these as a little girl at the tender age of 12 I had to learn karate to protect myself from her violent ways.Be Naughty is a go-to dating and chat site for turned-on men and women who are strictly looking for hookups.For free, you can sign up, upload hot photos and videos (and share them with those who catch your eye), and chat in various ways.We are a group of people who have experienced life with a mentally ill parent.