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If other passengers have boarded the plane, however, they cannot guarantee they will be able to switch seating.

How soon should you let the airline know your circumstances?

Based on our research, Jet Blue appears to be the most accommodating. We also know the provided information doesn’t always tell the whole story.If you’ve flown any of these airlines with a loved one with autism, please tell us about your experience in the comment section below.These accommodations need to be updated to include technology that the student can use to help them read the materials both in instruction time and on test.The i Pad or i Pod has apps that can read printed materials to the student.The airline has not yet responded to our email inquiry. The airline will always make sure people with autism are able to sit with their families, according to the United Airlines customer service agent.

If the person needs to change seats mid-flight, the flight attendants will do their best to accommodate the request.Always remember, that no 2 students learn the same, be patient and continue to differentiate both instruction and assessment as much as possible.We care about the kids and go the extra mile for those who have special needs. Because their homes do not support homework completion, we have to modify tests to accommodate them. We want our kids to achieve and have good work habits.In the past, United has allowed children with autism and their parents to board a parked, empty plane so they can get used to it well before takeoff time.If a meal is requested mid-flight for a person with autism, the airline will do its best to accommodate them if the flight has a meal service, another customer service representative told The Mighty.Is pre-boarding available for passengers with autism and their families? Is there information about traveling with a person with autism available online? The airline offers generalized information about traveling with a physical disability, but there is nothing specifically mentioning autism.