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We will keep you posted very soon, and be sure that as always, we will offer full support for all Gateway user,even for day one buyers from 4 years ago!

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We receive hundreds of email about Pokemon Sun & Moon support.

While we are busy preparing the next big update for Gateway, here is a quick solution to add this title to your collection: 1) Download card1to2 program (here) 2) Extract the card1to2 folder to your computer, then put the ROM inside the folder.

Players often have to wait for 60 to 90 seconds for the enemy to take its turn in Code Name: STEAM, a frustratingly long pause in action that we called "unfathomable." Today's update, which is available now, promises to cut those times down considerably.

Using a new fast-forward option, players can speed up those enemy turns by as much two times on the standard Nintendo 3DS, and by as much as three times on the New Nintendo 3DS.

For instructions on how to download the update, check out Nintendo's support post.

Just a quick update about the latest Nintendo 11.3/11.4 firmware support on Emunand.

We are the only ones to present you the best, safest and user-friendliest way out there to install the GATEWAY FAST BOOT method also known as A9LH.

Due to the high demand for our beta we have decided to be more open with our private betas!

Simultaneously, and since we ask you to post there above to help us with bug tracking, we also would like to ask you to contribute to the improvement of Gateway 3DS by voting here for the features you would like to be added to Gateway 3DS: The highest the vote, the more the chances are that the requested features will be developed next.

Please understand we can’t include in our firmware every single request right away, but we will add all feasible ones step by step, starting with the most popular demands.

Nintendo released a software update for Nintendo 3DS strategy game Code Name: STEAM today that is designed to address one of the game's biggest shortcomings: the lengthy downtime players spent waiting for enemy units to take their turn.