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You can even speed up the flowering process to ascertain it as soon as possible.

These formations will grow until the appearance of the buds, which can swell to large dimensions if given the right care.

Thus, the more developed your plants are, the easier it will be to determine their sex and to choose them based on your needs.

Knowing the sex of your plant will allow you to take the necessary steps to ensure that you meet your goals with your crop.

In addition to hermaphrodite plants (which include both sexes), if you are after good buds it is better to have female plants, while if your aim is to cross strains, it is essential that you have males. You will have to wait until the flowering stage to notice certain details, which we share with you below so you that you can make your own selection.

These formations, prior to the development of the flowers, also known as preflowers, are different depending on the plant's sex.

Female plants develop a small pear-shaped bag from which protrude two hair-like stigmata, usually white in colour.Males, meanwhile, also feature a tiny sack, but without any protruding stigmata.You can even see that the flower is made up of five sepals, which are an essential part of the formation of the flower's calyx, sustaining the petals.Therefore, knowing how to distinguish the gender of each plant will be essential to your work as a grower.In general, female plants are best for producing buds.If you notice that your plants do not begin to blossom as you hoped, you can increase the hours of darkness.